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Quellennachweis zum Artikel der Neuen AusgabE: TIKTOK, DER TARTAROS DES INTERNETS

(1) Rodriguez, Salvadore (2021): Tiktok insiders say social media company is tightly controlled by Chinese parent ByteDance, CNBC, [online], [14.01.2023].

(2) Walsh, Joe (2021): TikTok Settles Privacy Lawsuit For $92 Million, Forbes, [online], [14.01.2023].

(3) Biancotti, Claude (2019): The Growing Popularity of Chinese Social Media Outside China Poses New Risks in the West, Peterson Institute for International Economics, [online], [14.01.2023].

(4) Pell, M.B. / Wang, Echo (2019): U.S. Navy bans TikTok from government-issued mobile devices, Reuters, [online], |14.01.2023].

(5) Nash, Ashley (2022): Is there a difference between TikTok in the U.S. and China? A social media analyst compares it to opium and spinach, Deseret, [online],'re%20owned%20by,t%20offered%20in%20the%20U.S [14.02.2023].

(6) 60 Minutes (2022): TikTok in China versus the United States [YouTube Video], [14.01.2023].

(7) Dupuis, Adam (2019):Chinese-owned TikTok Bans LGBT Content Even Where Homosexuality Is Legal, Instinct, [online], [14.01.2023].

(8) Kelion, Leo (2019): TikTok suppressed disabled users' videos, BBC, [online], [14.01.2023].

(9) Rahaman Sarkar, Alisha (2022): TikTok’s ‘blackout’ challenge linked to deaths of 20 children in 18 months, report says, Yahoo News, [online], [14.01.2023].

(10) Schulz, Sven (2018): Hot Water Challenge: Was ist das? Einfach erklärt, Chip, [online], [14.01.2023].

(11) McStay, Kirsten (2020): Video of man live-streaming own death causes outrage on Tik Tok and Facebook, Daily Record, [online], [14.01.2023].

(12) Bültermann, Sandra (2021): Neue Jugendschutz-Funktionen für TikTok, Computerbild, [online], [14.01.2023].

(13) Emma C.C. (2021): TikTok: Over-sexualization Or Sex Positivity, Medium Magazin, [online],[14.01.2023].

(14) Ebd.

(15) TikTok meldet eine Milliarde aktive Nutzer (2021): Spiegel, [online], [14.01.2023].

(16) Montag, Chrisitan u. a. (2021) On the Psychology of TikTok Use: A First Glimpse From Empirical Findings, Frontiers, [online], [14.01.2023].

(17) Sabater, Valeria (2021): The Psychological Effects of TikTok, Exploring Your Mind, [online], [14.01.2023].

(18) Koetsier, John (2020): Digital Crack Cocaine: The Science Behind TikTok’s Success, Forbes, [online], [14.01.2023].

(19) REPORT State of Mobile 2022 (2022):, [online], [14.01.2023].

(20) Ebd.

(21) Ebd.

(22) STYLEBOOK Beauty Impact Report (2022): Stylebook, [online], [14.01.2023].

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